We Have Your Back!

NETBankAudit believes strongly in community based financial institutions and their role in the American economy. Where ever there is a financial institution focused on working with local business, the basis of a self-sustaining economic center exists. We believe that local owned and managed financial institutions have been and are one of the great pillars of American economic strength.

We know the difficulty and challenges that regulatory burden can be to a financial institution. We have seen it from both sides of the table. We also know that technology is woven into the fabric of all banking activity and therefore very much a part of regulatory compliance, not only IT and Operations but Safety and Soundness as well. The challenges today in managing a financial institution are daunting. Our mission is to lighten the burden of regulatory impact while facilitating risk management, resulting in a positive value-add to the organization.

NETBankAudit has a proven track record of helping clients improve their regulatory standing in the most technical and regulatory arduous areas of banking. Specifically focusing on financial institutions and applying industry best practices within the context of regulatory scrutiny and trending has allowed us to develop a very large base of happy clients.

Part of this success has been our ability to gain the respect of the regulatory agencies. While impossible to predict every criticism, we have the reputation with regulatory agencies of being very proactive and knowledgeable of the regulatory requirements. Accordingly, we have been very successful in finding common ground for both the client and the supervising agency. In fact, regulatory compliance is incorporated into every audit plan that demands institution specific risk-based planning using industry best practices and methodologies.

Most recently, NETBankAudit has taken this approach into the most challenging of the Safety and Soundness examination assistance. NETBankAudit has helped clients address both formal and informal regulatory enforcement actions in the areas of BSA and CAMELS (Capital Planning, Credit Review & ALLL, ERM, Earnings Analysis, and ALM, IRR, Liquidity and Investments) through testing, audit and education.