Being A NETBankAudit Client


NETBankAudit is designed to do two things:

  1. Provide a team of highly experienced and technically proficient individuals with top grade analytics and tools.
  2. Ease regulatory burden by providing hands-on, efficient testing/audit results.

We accomplish both through strong client partnerships which allow for continuous collaboration and affordable pricing.

Our Points of Conduct:

  • Our client’s benefit and satisfaction is our most important goal.
  • We will work to provide the best regulatory, technical and “common sense” results.
  • Our clients will gain from our understanding of your specific environment, regulatory expectations, and industry best practices.
  • We will always provide the “best-in-class” testing tools and experienced auditors and engineers to perform our testing and audits.
  • We will not sell senior auditors and provide junior trainees. We will not train our staff on your dollar.
  • We will not overcharge or over bill.  We will never use testing or audit services as an avenue to generate additional fee income.
  • Our work product will be professional and substantiated.  All reports will communicate results clearly, and our work papers will support our reporting, as well as evidence the testing performed.
  • Please call us any time; our goal is to answer on the first ring.  If not, your call will be returned promptly.
  • Our goal is to proactively help each client keep abreast of the ever-changing technology and regulatory challenges.
  • Once engaged, we will always consider you a client.