About Us

NETBankAudit was formed in 2000 by a team of IT bank executives and regulatory specialists. Convinced that advancements in information technology would significantly affect the future of banking, particularly in the movement of money and data through electronic channels, the team resolved to help bankers adjust to this changing environment.  The key to managing the benefits and challenges of this developing trend would be the institution’s ability to oversee and control the information technology environment.  Accordingly, NETBankAudit positioned itself to partner with financial institutions by working as an extension of their internal audit function or management self-assessments efforts. NETBankAudit’s goal is to address technology risk management and compliance concerns, while reducing regulatory uncertainty.

We base our services on proven audit, assessment, and vulnerability testing solutions designed specifically for regional and community–based financial institutions.  NETBankAudit complies with FFIEC and SOX requirements and guidance.  We adhere to IIA, AICPA, and PCAOB guidance and other relevant industry and associations such as ISC2, ISACA, EC Council, NSA, SANs and other relevant best practice guidance in development of our methodologies and application of our services.

Today, over 650 financial institutions have benefited from our services in over 30+ states.  Our broad experience allows us to work in coordination with your existing audit department or as a complete outsourced solution. Click image below to see NETBankAudit client footprint in the contiguous 48 states in higher definition and full screen. Yes, we have clients in Alaska.

500 Clients